Below are older news stories from the Clothworkers.

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Natural Justice - non-profit founded by Clothworker

Clothworker Harry Jonas talks about Natural Justice, the non-profit in South Africa that he founded. The organisation's vision is the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity through the self-determination of indigenous peoples and local comm

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Inter-Livery Clay Shoot

The annual Inter-Livery Clay Shoot took place in the Spring with a number of Clothworkers joining the team. Liveryman Charlie Houston provides an overview of the day, and encourages members to sign up to the team next year.

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First Clothworker Chaplain to the Lord Mayor of London

Andrew Walker is the first Clothworker to become Chaplain to the Lord Mayor of London; he reflects on his journey to this point and his Clothworker roots.

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Endowment research outlines the impact of The Foundation

The Foundation team recently undertook some research to look at the impact of our endowments, most of which were given out in the 1980s. They found that our support has benefitted a wide range of individuals as far away as Guildford School in Austral

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Clothworker Polly May sings in BBC Proms

Polly May, Clothworker talks about her clothworking heritage and her career, including her recent oratorio performance as a soloist in Debussy "Le Martyre de Saint Sebastien" at the BBC Proms, with the BBCSO and Oliver Knussen.

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Clothworking For Prisoners

Scarlet Oliver, Liveryman talks about her involvement with the charity Fine Cell Work that teaches sewing skills for prisoners

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Film maker reflects on support from the Foundation

John Walsh, a film-maker, recently wrote to the Foundation to acknowledge the support he received over twenty-five years ago, which enabled him to attend the London International Film School. Since then he gone on to produce a number of award nominat

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