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Your Votes Are In!

2019 Recipients of the Livery Fund

Each year, we encourage all Clothworkers to donate, within their means, to the Livery Fund (a sub-fund of The Clothworkers' Foundation). The Company not only matches all donations, but also allows you, as a donor, to decide where the grants are allocated by nominating and then voting for shortlisted charities—making the Livery Fund an effective and rewarding way to directly support causes important to you.

The votes are in for 2019. This year, grants of £32,000 each will be awarded to Pathway, Revitalise and Switchback.


Pathway is a homeless healthcare charity. It works with the NHS to create hospital teams to support homeless patients. Each team includes a specialist GP, nurses, allied health professionals, housing experts and in some hospitals, Pathway Care Navigators (people who were once homeless who are trained to support homeless patients).

Pathway teams provide patients with: housing and benefits advice; links to community services; support and collaboration with other clinicians (e.g. advice on drug interactions); complex care planning and discharge liaison; referral for addictions support; help with GP registration; clothes, shoes and other basics; and support to reconnect with loved ones.

To date Pathway has supported 11 hospitals to create homeless healthcare teams, helping over 3500 patients every year.  Many of the people they support have complex combinations of physical illness, mental illness and substance misuse problems, and histories of trauma and abuse.  The charity also carries out health and homelessness research and collaborates with other health and homelessness organisations in this arena.

Livery Fund grant: Professional have gained knowledge through academia and study.  But homeless people have gained insights from their experiences on the streets and their journey to recovery. Over the last five years, Pathways has developed a ground-breaking approach to supporting homeless ‘Experts by Experience’ to improve the quality of health services for homeless people.  A grant from the Livery Fund be used to the initiative to another level and would be used to support and train homeless people to teach professionals about homelessness, give a voice to the most excluded and speak about homelessness. Training formerly homeless people as ‘Experts by Experience’ ensures that they can speak on an equal footing with medical professionals, making sure that voices from the streets are heard. Past ‘Experts by Experience’ trainees have gone on to paid roles in homeless hostels, hospitals, mental health services, and commercial services. Beyond employment, they have been appointed to advisory boards and have spoken to national television about their experiences. Click here for more details:    


Holidays matter to everyone. Many people care for a disabled loved one and having no break can put family relationships and wellbeing under and immense amount of strain, with some reaching breaking point.

Revitalise is a national charity that has been providing short breaks and holidays for disabled people and carers for more than 50 years. It welcomes those who need 24 hour on-call nurse-led care to have a holiday, giving much-needed reassurance to disabled people and offering their carers peace of mind.

The charity provides around 4,000 breaks a years at its 3 fully-accessible UK centres in Essex, Southampton and Southport.  It is able to cater for more than 150 debilitating conditions and also offers specialised Alzheimer’s weeks.  

Breaks are tailored to every guest, with personalised care plans put in place for each of them.  The Revitalise service is vital in offering disabled people and carers a lifeline away from the daily pressures of giving and receiving care.

Livery Fund grant: A grant from the Livery Fund would be used towards the Breaking Point Project to provide up to 65 week-long breaks for disabled people and their carers who are in financial hardship over a 12 month period. Click here for more on Revitalise:


Switchback aims to change the way offenders think about, and participate in, society.  It does this by identifying male prisoners aged 18-30 who have express a wish to life differently on release.  Using catering as the vehicle for participation in, and reengagement with, society, the Switchback approach involves a three stage process:

- An eligible prisoner chooses to take part. During his last three months in prison, he meets regularly with his Switchback Mentor and starts to plan for a stable future. The same Switchback Mentor meets him on the day of release.

- He starts at a Switchback partner training cafe as soon as he is released; learning in a real work environment, and supported by his mentor to make the right choices, be reliable, get the help he needs and practice trying new things.

- Switchback works closely with a range of employers, arranging mock interviews, visits and work placements. The ex-prisoner continues to build stability across all areas of his life so that employment is rewarding and sustained.

Livery Fund grant: Switchback is currently recruiting two new roles, a Salesforces Administrator and a Communications Co-ordinator, both of which will contribute to increasing Switchback’s impact through policy and training work.  A grant from the Livery Fund will almost wholly fund both posts, as well as the case management database both posts will be dependent on. Click here for more on Switchback:

Make a Donation

Inspired? Making a donation to the Livery Fund is easy—all members of the Freedom and Livery are encouraged to do so. Visit our 'Charity' webpage to find out more about setting up a standing order for annual or even monthly payments. You can also contact Emma Temple at Clothworkers' Hall if you have questions.

2019 Livery Fund Recipients

April 2019

Your votes are in! Members have decided the three 2019 Livery Fund recipients.

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Inter Livery Sailing and Shooting

Recruiting Clothworkers for Forthcoming Events

Inter Livery Clay Shoot
The 2019 Inter Livery Clay Shoot is Thursday, 16 May.

Inter Livery Rifle Shoot (Bisley)
The 2019 Rifle and Small Arms Event at Bisley is Friday, 31 May.

Anyone interested in joining us for either of the shooting events should contact Team Captain Charlie Houston for more information.

Inter Livery Golf Competition
Please contact Golf Team Captain Tim Bousfield with questions or expressions of interest in forthcoming events.

Great Twelve Sailing Challenge
This year the Great Twelve Sailing Challenge will be on Saturday, 1 June (Seaview Yacht Club, Isle of Wight). The Company covers the cost of entry for the teams, as well as the eventing meal each night for competing Clothworkers and their partners. Clothworkers participating in the event are asked to cover their own travel and accommodation. The event is a great opportunity to make new friends and develop your sailing skills during a friendly competition. If you are interested, or have any questions, please email the Sailing Team Captain, Andrew Yonge.

Incorporation of Weavers, Fullers and Shearmen (Exeter) Annual Boule Competition (Exe Estruary, Topsham)
The Clothworkers' Company has been invited to send two members to this annual boule competition on 3 July. The event will celebrate the 400th anniversary of the granting of the IWFS Royal Charter and the 550th anniversary of continuous occupation of their hall. If you are interested in representing The Clothworkers' Company, please register here.

Recruiting Clothworkers for Inter Livery Sports

March 2019

Learn more about getting involved with Inter Livery Sailing and Shooting events.

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Bangledesh Youth Movement

The Clothworkers' Foundation

The Master – along with trustees and staff members of The Clothworkers' Foundation – visited one of our grantees in Tower Hamlets last month (February). It is unusual for The Foundation to visit a charity in receipt of a grant through the small grants programme, and unusual to visit after a grant has been awarded, so this was an exceptional experience. The visitors were able to meet with the organisation's chair and several volunteers at the charity's Women's Centre of Excellence. The visit was followed by a shared curry lunch at a nearby restaurant.

Bangledesh Youth Movement offers a range of free services and activities to the local community in Tower Hamlets. These services include welfare rights advice, support with housing/homelessness, youth provisions, sewing classes and ESOL. They also work in partnership with other schools, charities and voluntary groups.

The Foundation awarded the charity a grant of £9,600 in May 2018 towards office equipment, furniture and sewing machines that will assist in setting up and running of the Women's Centre of Excellence Education & Training project. The programme supports young women in various training activities such as searching for employment, CV writing, ESOL and sewing classes.

Find out more about the charity at

The Annual Review, reporting on The Company and The Foundation's 2018 activities (including grant-giving) will be with members soon, and you can read about the charities that benefitted from our support last year inside.

Bangledesh Youth Movement

March 2019

The Master, trustees and staff visit a Clothworkers' Foundation grantee in Tower Hamlets.

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New Production from Clothworkers' Theatre Award Recipient

In Basildon will be launched at the Queen's Theatre Hornchurch (March)

The winner of the Clothworkers’ Theatre Award was announced at the UK Theatre Awards at London’s Guildhall in October.  It was won by the Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch, one of nine producing theatres from the East and South East of England invited to compete for the award.  

The £150,000 award will support Essex on Stage, an ambitious new two-year programme championing positive notions of Essex, celebrating theatre made by working class people and raising aspirations for emerging artists from Essex and Outer East London. The programme aims to commission new plays, establish a network of venues, introduce drama about Essex across Essex for new audiences, organise local events to develop talent, and develop life-changing projects with communities.

The programme will kick off with the regional premiere of David Eldridge’s In Basildon, which has never before been performed professionally in the part of the world featured in its story.
On learning that his play was to be staged, David Eldridge said, ‘I am delighted that the first revival of In Basildon is being mounted in Essex at my local theatre ... The Queen’s Theatre occupies a special place in my heart. It is where I did my experience aged 18, and it’s where I was the late Bob Carlton’s Literary Associate for six years, running the theatre’s writers’ groups and advising on new work for the programme. I can’t wait to be back with a play of my own.’

This was the fifth and final Clothworkers’ Theatre Award. The Clothworkers’ Foundation will now commission an independent external evaluation of the £1.25m proactive Dramatic Arts initiative, which includes the Theatre Award, as well as major grants to leading drama schools – including Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, and National Youth Theatre – for bursaries to students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The findings of the evaluation will help The Foundation decide whether the Dramatic Arts initiative should be extended.  

The Foundation was recently informed that Charlotte Law, who benefitted from bursaries made to The National Youth Theatre in 2016, has been cast as Shelley for In Basildon, which will run 14-30 March. Click here to purchase tickets to the show .

Read more about the Dramatic Arts initiative and other Proactive initiatives on The Foundation’s new website: .

New Production from Clothworkers' Theatre Award Recipient

February 2019

In Basildon: a new show at Queen's Theatre Hornchurch (2018 Clothworkers' Theatre Award recipient).

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New Commission from Cockpit Arts Weaver

Elizabeth Ashdown creates new textiles for the Charity Governance Awards 2019

For the past three years, we've presented each winner for the Charity Governance Awards with an attractive perspex trophy encasing a special textile design by Cassandra Sabo. Cassandra's designs inspired the look and feel of the Charity Governance Awards as a whole.

This year, we've commissioned a brand-new textiles design from one of the talented weavers at Cockpit Arts. Elizabeth Ashdown has been inspired by Cassandra's earlier work, but has created a completely new and unique woven work for the next set of Charity Governance Awards. Her work will be encased in the perspex trophies presented at Charity Governance Awards ceremony this coming May.

Elizabeth is a hand woven and mixed media textile designer and artist. Her practice focuses on creating exuberant, luxurious and playful hand-crafted textiles for a variety of applications including fashion, interiors and accessories. She uses traditional textile techniques to create modern textile objects that are full of life, texture, colour and vibrancy.

The pieces commissioned for the Charity Governance Awards are made from warps of fine polyester yarn, finished with a rich depth of colour and lustre. They have been woven in a striped design using a flat Soutache braid pattern. Rayon and Viscose materials are also used in this work.

New Commission from Cockpit Arts Weaver

January 2019

Elizabeth Ashdown creates new textiles for the Charity Governance Awards 2019.

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